Don't let them take a lot of money for knowledge, everyone deserves to be successful.

All that sounds nice, but "how do I create a digital product" if I'm NOT knowledgeable about a certain area?

This is something few people know, but there are websites that specialize in selling "digital products with the right to resell them," allowing you to earn from them. One of the most well-known sites that deals with this is There, you can buy a product for just a few dollars that you can later resell an unlimited number of times. Additionally, if you have an idea, you can create something yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

Physical Product

❌Delivery between 10-60 days
❌Products from AliExpress
❌Limited delivery range
❌Chinese product quality
❌Poor quality packaging without branding
❌Slow contact with Chinese suppliers
❌Frequent PayPal and processor blocking
❌~30% loss on returned orders
❌Lack of marketing materials
❌20-30% profit from total revenue
❌High competition for popular products
❌When ads stop, so does profit.

Digital Product

✅Instant delivery
✅E-books, courses, templates, programs...
✅Global sales
✅We influence product quality
✅Branded digital packaging
✅No suppliers, as the product is ours
✅No PayPal or processor blocking
✅0% loss on returned orders
✅Abundant marketing materials
✅100% profit from total revenue
✅No competition as we have our own product
✅Stable business that can be sold

What are digital products?

They are products in digital form, hence easily sent over the internet and can be sold an unlimited number of times after being created once.


Dive into the world of your favorite books without having to go to the library - with e-books, your adventures are always at your fingertips!


Instructions on how to create a sales page that converts best.

Check List

Step-by-step guide for purchasing and renovating an apartment or house

Here's what you'll learn after each page STEP-BY-STEP of the DigitalDrop business:

Secrets of the DigitalDrop business

  1. How does the DigitalDrop business model work?
  2. Most profitable digital products
  3. How to brainstorm the perfect niche?
  4. How to research the market and come up with a product?
  5. Creating the ideal customer
  6. How to create a selling USP?

Creating a digital product

  1. How to most profitably create a digital product?
  2. Choosing a name and domain
  3. Creating a logo for the brand
  4. Product design
  5. How to make an ebook?
  6. Store Creation
  7. Automating the entire purchasing process
  8. Determining the price that brings the most profit
  9. Providing product guarantees
  10. Product description and landing page

✅Ultimative marketing

  1. Organic marketing strategy
  2. How to create viral content?
  3. How to edit viral clips?
  4. Content analysis and optimization
  5. Paid advertising strategy
  6. How to set up Facebook and Instagram ads?
  7. Retargeting strategy
  8. Influencer marketing methods

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